24 hours in Charlottesville Virginia


January and February are weird months, the holiday rush is over and the weather is cold and damp. I think often times, at least for me it’s easy to forget to take time for ourselves, especially after we’ve spent so much of our energy  bustling around during the festive months of November and December. I hate to admit but sometimes it seems even though Jonathan and I live together we don’t actually see each other that often. Between work and chores it’s easy to forget that we’re more than just roommates. Getting away for the night was a much needed reprieve from our day to day and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting than the charming Charlottesville, Virginia.

I’d like to start the post by giving you my two most simple tips for making the most of a romantic 24 hour trip out of town.

1.) Be present. This means when you’re laying in bed before you fall asleep try not to look at your phones or watch tv, instead be aware of each other. Whether you talk yourselves to sleep or just cuddle, be appreciative of the person next to you.

2.) It may be tempting to instagram your way through the city, but again take your phone out of your hand and put your significant others in its place.

Now, on with the show!

I haven’t had the chance to spend as much time in Charlottesville as I’d like, despite it being only two hours away. When the opportunity came up for me to spend 24 hours in a gorgeous, romantic Airbnb along with photographing horses, I jumped on it. So, on Friday afternoon Jonathan and I drove the quick trip to Charlottesville and arrived at 829 Belmont, the farmhouse turned airbnb that it’s owners Jeremy and Rebecca have converted into 4 beautiful studio apartments. 


The impeccable decor was just the icing on this architectural gem of a cake. On its own this studio apartment would’ve been gorgeous with it’s reclaimed wood floors, mirrored barn doors, old plaster walls, and ornamental trim but Jeremy and Rebecca have done an amazing job decorating these spaces. We stayed in the Southern Luxury apartment and it was so cozy, with just the right amount of amenities that it took everything in our homebody selves to get up and go out for dinner after our drive. 


The neighborhood of Belmont is adorable, it’s a lot like being in a small town inside of an already modest sized city. Belmont is quiet even for a Friday night, traffic both by car and on foot appeared to be minimal, something I can really appreciate. There are plenty of restaurants and bars within walking distance of 829 and that made getting to dinner a snap. (Keep in mind though, most places don’t open until 5pm for dinner.) We decided to grab Italian at Tavola which was right around the corner, initially where we’d eat was up in the air but we arrived just before opening and there was already a line at the door, something I’ve learned is usually a sign of good food. I had their linguine alla carbonara, a true carbonara made with house made pasta, house made sausage, pancetta, egg, pecorino romano and fresh cracked black pepper. Jon had their pappardelle ragu, another item with their fresh house made pasta, chunks of shredded pork, and a red wine ragu sauce. Service was perfect and the food came out fast and was absolutely to die for, it is definitely on our list of places to return. 

Once we scarfed down our dinner like the sophisticated individuals we are we were exhausted but decided to head about 15 minutes down the road to Whole Foods. Because… how can you go anywhere without making a Whole Foods run? We grabbed a bottle of something special to drink and a light desert to take back to our cozy abode for the evening and enjoy with a movie on the couch. 

image of the linguine alla carbonara from  https://tavolavino.com  because it was too dark out when I got mine to photograph it!

image of the linguine alla carbonara from https://tavolavino.com because it was too dark out when I got mine to photograph it!


The morning was slightly more rushed than I would’ve liked but I had a job to do and there was no time to lounge around. We headed to MarieBette for breakfast but unfortunately the line and wait were too long. The menu looked amazing and we will definitely be back there next time. Since we were in a hurry we popped over to Greenberry’s for coffee and a couple of their daybreak breakfast burritos, as far as a quick breakfast is concerned these burritos were just what the doctor ordered.  


After breakfast it was time for me to head about 30 minutes down the road to Fishersville for my photoshoot with Katie and Whitney at Whitneys “Lone Beech Farms”. It was frigid but gorgeous out with wide open scenic views. 

I wish that I had had more time to enjoy Charlottesville and all that it has to offer but our 24 hour stay was just enough to leave us wanting more. I can’t wait to get back down there and stay in one of the other perfectly decorated rooms that Jeremy and Rebecca have to offer at 829 Belmont. Please visit Jeremy and Rebeccas website 829belmont.com to view their gorgeous apartments available for rent.


This post was in collaboration with 829 Belmont but my statements and opinions are honest and my own.