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I have always treasured the intimate moments between my horses and I.

The quiet still times of connection and reflection.


Editorial Photography Session

In order to keep things simple, regardless of your wants and needs I charge a flat fee of $75 per hour. no matter how many times you change outfits, or horses the price remains the same.


shoot time and editing time

Edited images in an online gallery

All images on USB drive


Equestrian Facility or Tack Shop Photography

Because of the complicated nature of shooting a facility or shop I charge a flat fee of $85 per hour.


Coverage time at your Equestrian Facility or Tack Shop

Edited images in online gallery

All images on USB drive


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a photoshoot usually take?

This depends on how many horses and how many outfits you’d like to be photographed in. I don’t shoot portrait style photography so my clients can usually get away with one outfit. If you’re having photos done for social media purposes though you may want multiple outfits in order to prevent your photos from feeling repetitive in your feed. For reference, one outfit and one horse usually require 2 hours of shooting, and 2 hours of editing since I take a few hundred photos.

How many photos will i get?

Again, this depends on the number of horses and outfits. A two hour shoot though usually garners about 50 edited photos.

What’s your style?

My photography style is intimate and candid. For your facility I’ll choose a beautiful time of day to make sure its shown in its best light. Capturing quiet moments of people riding, cleaning stalls, or feeding. There is a lot of honest beauty to be found in the mechanics of a working barn. I can also be hired to join you at horse shows or around your barn to capture those private, behind the scenes photographs. I enjoy the quiet moments of connection between a rider and their horse. A lot of equestrian photography can come across strong, sharp, and high contrast feeling almost aggressive at times. That has never been my experience as an equestrian, for me their are contemplative, emotional, and even still moments in the sport that are usually what we remember with the most fondness. It’s my passion to capture those moments for you to use on your website, or for personal use on your social media accounts if that’s something you’re interested in.

What if I need help with social media?

I’ve taken numerous courses on social media management and have successfully managed my own blog and social media presence of over 80k combined followers for the last 10 years. If you’re interested in refreshing or starting your social media presence I am happy to help with that! We can come up with a strategy and plan that is manageable for you to gain, keep, and grow your following so that your equestrian business has the best reach to potential and current clients it possibly can!


Enough About Me,

Let’s talk about you! Chatting with me is free, I’d love to hear about your farm, your horses, and your needs. We can also discuss my current introductory offers.